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El Círculo de Baile

Metro station:
San Bernardo (L-4)
Quevedo (L-2)

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Sala Galileo Galilei


Metro station:
Islas Filipinas (L-7)

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Frequent Asked Questions

How do I get to the school from Madrid airport?

The cheapest way and fairly practical: take Bus nº200 (Bus company EMT) which stops at all airport terminals, and get off at the end of the route in Avenida de América (Ticket: 1.50€). From there you can take the metro (Line 7 to Canal – see map) and walk 3 minutes to the school, or you can take a taxi for less than 10€.

Reliable and inexpensive: the Metro. Line 8 from the airport to Nuevos Ministerios, then Line 6 to Cuatro Caminos and finally Line 2 to Canal. The ticket costs 5.50€.

The most comfortable: a taxi costs 30€ (standard rate from the airport to Madrid city). They can be easily found at the exit of the airport terminals.

Can you suggest a place to stay near to the festival?

All the workshops take place in Círculo de Vicky y Jose Antonio. The show on Sunday when participants perform takes place in Galileo Galilei. The two places are near to one another and close to Canal Theatres (Canal Metro Station). To make a reservation, we recommend you use an online reservation service.

Can I take part in the shows with the orchestra?

Selected dancers will have the opportunity to dance with live music by the Nesma Orchestra. To take part in the Raks Madrid evening shows, you must complete the full training “Performing with Live Music” (Full Pack). If you are doing so, you can send a request to

How do I get around Madrid?

Madrid has an extensive and inexpensive public transport network. The buses of EMT are very practical, although it is not always easy to find the routes. The Metro is the most comfortable. It is easy, clean and safe. The most important stations are:

  • Classes in Dance Factory: Estrecho, Line 1 (Light blue)
  • Shows in Sala Galileo Galilei: Islas Filipinas Line 7 (Orange)
  • Tourist Centre: Sol (Various Lines)

Tickets cost 1.5€. 10 journey travel cards cost 12.50€.

Download the map of MetroMadrid

Taxis are very popular in Madrid and prices are very reasonable. They can take up to 4 people as long as the luggage fits in the boot. For an idea of prices: the route between the Dance Factory and Sala Galileo Galilei 6€.

Where can I go to eat and go out?

Madrid is one of the most pleasant of the big European cities for going out. There are plentiful restaurants, bars, clubs, theatres and concert venues, not forgetting the traditional flamenco tablaos, and prices are reasonable. There are few safety concerns, even at night, but please take care with your personal belongings.

We recommend you visit the centre although there are lots of pleasant spots throughout the city.

Typical prices, for information:

  • Lunchtime menu (“Menú del día”): 10€
  • Coffee: 1.30€
  • Beer/soft drink (day time): 2 €
  • Club/night bar (bar de copas):  5€ a 10 €

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